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be all by myself ♪ bret: i thought it was funny. thank you for inviting us into your home. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: qaddafi welcome home the bomber from lockerbie and now he is coming to america. i am shepard smith, the news starts right now. qaddafi has never set foot on american soil. now he wants to pitch a tent in new jersey. >> we are angry that he thinks is going to come to my neighborhood. >> he should not be in my city.
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shepard: this comes days after he welcomed home a terrorist with open arms. >> i was angry. shepard: now fresh outrage. first, the democrats are kicking off a p.r. blitz to turn around things in the health-care battle. they are planning to hold 1000 public events over the next two weeks. in fact, there is a town hall going on right now in virginia and with howard dean. the dnc is trying to reverse current opposition to the health-care overhaul. you heard more of this when john mccain had his first town hall. one woman got cheers for saying
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that republicans should kill all health care deals. >> no compromises. >> to do nothing is not the answer. to have a government takeover is exactly the wrong way to go. i will tell you right now, if it had not been for these town hall meetings, i believe that health care reform would have been railroaded through the congress by now. shepard: now the democrats are planning a road trip to get the momentum going in the other direction. they are not planning a lot of town halls. >> no, they are pulling them back. this will be rallies and speeches mostly. that will eliminate questions and statements from the public. this starts in phoenix and then head off to albuquerque, denver, st. louis, milwaukee, indianapolis, columbus, n.c., pittsburgh. it is a very busy blitz.
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shepard: they are planning to send supporters to republican town hall meetings to stir things up. >> definitely. the democrats complained when republicans did this. a group that is associated with the dnc is planning to disrupt a series of town halls by paul ryan. an e-mail states "it is our intention to overwhelm each session with reform supporters." there is an opportunity for people to print out their own sheet for display. but they are doing is exactly what they were blaming republicans for. shepard: mccain says he is unilaterally opposed to it democrats choosing a technique that would allow them to pass the bill with a simple majority.
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>> you are talking about reconciliation. the majority can use a complicated tactic to protect health care from a filibuster. under reconciliation, supporters can pass health care with just 51 votes. this all began as a way to curb the deficit. presidents have done this in both parties but before it was only on budget issues. this would create a whole new government program and people on both sides say that if the democrats were to do this, this would unleash a whole new level of partisan warfare. shepard: carl cameron, thank you. now the visit by qaddafi. he has never been to the u.s.. up. 2006, his country was called a state sponsor of terrorism. this kind of represents the this.
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this once greeted visitors to the presidential palace. qaddafi recently renounced terrorism and he gave up his country's weapons of mass destruction. that is before we saw this last week. that is libya giving a hero's welcome to the man convicted of carrying out the pan am bombing over lockerbie, scotland. it was an attack that killed 270 people and among them were 189 americans. the case testing forgiveness of people in the state of new jersey werwhere many of the people oppose qaddafi. >> many people are furious and here's why. when pan am flight 103 was blown out of the skies over lockerbie scotland, 38 residents from new jersey lost their lives. for some in the city, the very
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idea of the libyan leader making his bed here amounts to sleeping with the enemy. this is where colonel qaddafi plans to stay. this area was bought by the libyans in the early 80's. residents and local officials were assured by the state department that qaddafi would never be allowed to live here. now work is underway to prepare the property for the libyan leader's arrival next month. as you can see, the grounds of the manchin are being made ready for him to pitch the bedouin tent that he frequently stays in. residents can barely believe that the man who just gave a hero's welcome to the lockerbie bomber is about to become their neighbor. >> this is not fair for all the victims, families. >> i don't see any need for him to have comfort here.
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i'm sure he can do it elsewhere. >> new jersey politicians are promising to fight. >> this is qaddafi who we are talking about. he is a murderous dictator. >> as for the diplomatic issue of the bombers release, gordon brown made his first comments today. he said he was repulsed by the welcome home that the bomber got. the decision to release the bomber was a the scottish government's alone. that is disingenuous at best. the britisscottish government is not entirely independent from the british government. gordon brown could have stopped the release if he wished to do so. shepard: thank you, jonathan. we are getting in early results from last week's presidential election in afghanistan. for now, it is a tie.
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the president' and his opponent have about 40% of the vote. there was more violence in afghanistan. three car bombs went off at the same time in the southern city of cannes kanadahar. a message from rhode island, please come back later. they are set to close down at the state government. we will tell you about the plan. why did the federal government send stimulus checks to hundreds of prison inmates? we will tell you how hundreds of thousands of your taxpayer dollars ended up in the hands of convicts. that is coming up. -%@
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shepard: the new deficit numbers add up to serious controversy. the deficit is just a difference
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between the money the government takes in and the money it spends. the white house and the congressional budget office are forecasting a deficit of 1.58 trillion dollars. some republicans are accusing obama administration of creative accounting. on economist who once headed up the congressional budget office wrote a memo that read stockman s -- -- that reads -- >> we bring you every minute detail of the president's vacation. right now he is having lunch with a friend. we don't know what is on the menu. a favorite here is the spot so. where am i going with this?
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president obama sank a few pots on martha's vineyard but cannot stop the sinking federal budget. the deficit was boosted from seven trillion dollars to nine trillion dollars. it will average $900 billion in the decade. public debt is projected to hit 17.5 trillion dollars by 2019. in that your loan, interest on the federal debt will reach $774 billion. the administration blames this on the recession. that and the failure of the bush administration to pay for programs and were fighting. >> a significant chunk comes from those things that are coming from the bush administration. almost all the rest has to do with the deterioration of the economy.
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>> the administration argues that higher deficits should not halt its push for up to one trillion dollars in health-care spending. >> the president made clear that his health reform is deficit neutral. the deficit should not be the primary determinant of when you do health care reform. >> deficits are not the only concern, economic growth in the year 2010 is projected but not enough to hurt unemployment. the average unemployment for the entire year will be 9.8%. shepard: thank you. president obama is making a big announcement about one of the top money men. he is reappointing ben bernanke for another four-year term. he says the country is still a long way away from a complete recovery. bernanke helped to limit the damage of the financial crisis. >> as an expert on the causes of the great depression, i am
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sure that he never imagined that he would be part of the team responsible for providing another. because o-- for preventing anot. that is what he has achieved. shepard: ben bernanke has to be confirmed by the senate. christophechris dodd is going td a thorough hearing. he says that ben bernanke is probably the correct choice. for the first time in three years, the values of homes are going up. that is according to the s&p national home price index. it rose for the second straight month in june to end in the second quarter. the index is up 1.4% higher compared with the end of the first quarter. take a look at what has happened over the past year. the numbers don't mean muchevyú y
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half a million dollars to prisoners. by law, prisoners do not qualify for the rebate. this was blamed on bad bookkeeping. official records did not say they were locked up. this is proof that certain government programs need more oversight and accountability, some critics have said. state workers in the state of rhode island are getting 12 on paid holidays spread over the next year even if they don't want them. -- unpaid holidays spread over the next year. rhode island has the second highest unemployment rate right
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after michigan. >> people are worried about their jobs, there were about paying their bills. they are tightening down their spending. that is what your seeing right now. businesses are doing the same thing. they expect the government to be doing the same thing. shepard: the governor of rhode island has ruled out raising taxes. a state employee union accuses him of putting the problems on the back of state workers. police say it could have been catastrophic. tonight, chilling new details on the bombs that did in fact explode in side of the california high school. wait until you hear what the suspect was caring and how teachers and staff members spotted him. -- the suspect was carrying an have teachers and staff members spotted him. welcome to the now network. right now five coworkers
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shepard: 8 teenager accused of detonating two pipe bombs at a high school in california and police say he was armed with more. -- a teenager accused of detonating two pipe bombs. he had 10 bombs, a sword, and a chain saw. police arrested the suspect outside of hillsdale high school in san mateo. he was reportedly planning to carry out a massacre. no one was hurt. teachers tackled the suspect and held him down until teachers got their -- police got there. >> she sought a man with a chainsaw. >> we heard two big explosions. we saw smoke coming from the classrooms. there was a guy with a chainsaw and 8 ninth. -- she saw a man with a
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chainsaw. shepard: is there any word on a motive? >> nothing official. san mateo police say that you can get a lot from the charges. he wanted to cause as much death and destruction as possible. there are reports that he had a grudge against some of the teachers. we are hoping to hear more about the evidence and the motive when the dish to attorney announces what charges he will face and whether he will be charged as an adult. -- when the district attorney announces what charges he will face. shepard: these teachers are heroes. >> that is what people are same. they protected the students and it remained relaxed under frightening circumstances. it took three staffers to bring this guy down.
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the english teacher was the first to tackle him. >> i closed ththe distance and i put him on the ground. >> he is being called a hero. like most schools, hillsdale high school has a safety plan in place. yesterday, it was the real deal, the staff acted without hesitation. you can bet there will be the television appearances and plenty of accolades from a grateful community. shepard: i bet there will be. the man who calls himself john doe and claims he cannot remember his name or the details of his life is out of the hospital. doctors in seattle have released the man whose real name is edward light heart. his story gained international attention after it was published.
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a reader in china recognized him as a former english teacher. he later became homeless in canada and he lived with his sister in las vegas. as the story goes, she kicked him out shortly before he arrived in seattle. he says he does remember anything. the senate's top democrat facing a tough fight. five years ago, republicans toppled another majority leader, could harry reid go the way of tom daschle? how quickly could you earned a million dollars? the numbers are coming up. 2 for $20! only at applebee's.
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shepard: if you steal a car, you will get in a lot of trouble. but a car loaded with children? that is our lead story. georgia. the woman arrived home to find the burglars in her house. she said that she confronted them, that is when they drove off in her car while her kids were sitting there. i was asking them to let the kids out. sheparfire spreading in a detrot plant after several explosions. firefighters evacuated about 300
7:29 pm
workers. no one was hurt. colorado, police are arresting two brothers for running a methamphetamine ring. they also seized a comic book collection which was used to launder a half million dollars. the collection included first edition batman and superman comics. arizona, two ladies celebrating more than two centuries of life. sally ward is the youngster at 100, martha is 104. >> it has been a good life. a real good life. shepard: that is a fox watch across america. i am shepard smith, you are on "the fox report." time for the news. former vice president dick cheney says that we should be
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thanking the state interrogators who used harsh techniques, not invested in them. he says that they save lives. he is taking a swipe at president obama. he says the decision to investigate the interrogators -- the attorney general says that he knows his decision to launch a criminal investigation is controversial but that he has to follow lock. newly declassified documents show some of the tactics that were used man fact have been illegal. among them, threatening one detainee with a gun in a power drill. there is actually a new document in the mix, part of the former vice president's request to help prove that these interrogation'' worked. >> a u.s. intelligence official
7:31 pm
tells us that the agency is reviewing the former vice president's request and there is another document that is currently being reviewed. document is much to others out there. water bordering on a certain date lead to a certain piece of intelligence, for example. shepard: is there evidence that to these save lives? >> inspector general report says that khalid sheikh mohammed gave only a few reports prior to the use of the water board in. much of it was outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete. many of the following paragraphs are redacted or blacked out. it is hard to know what information was in there. shepard: what is the bottom
7:32 pm
line? >> inspector general, the most authoritative and independent party to investigate the program, concluded that the detention of terrorists presented to future attacks and therefore save lives. -- presentevented future tax and therefore saved lives. shepard: bernanke. it would be a huge win for republicans. taking out the hugtop republican the senate. they did it with tom daschle back in 2004. they might have a shot at harry reid. we reported on this newspaper poll in which senator reid is significantly trailing one of his republican challenges.
7:33 pm
this is only part of the picture. we have more from washington. senator reid has held his seat for nearly 23 years. how likely is it that he can lose? >> if you look at those polls and another one, he is behind both of two potential republican head to head contests. these are very very bad numbers for him. when you look at the fact that independent voters disapprove of his performance in congress. he has an uphill battle. shepard: republicans have to be pretty fired up about taking out harry reid. >> absolutely. i talked to one of the republicans and here's what she had to say. >> they said the bigger they are, the harder they fall. it would be a huge coup. this is not just the
7:34 pm
republicans, this is about nevada and about what is important here and who is representing us here. >> by her estimation, that is the mistake that harry reid is making, he is more concerned about the national picture than at home and voters are aware of that. shepard: the democrats have lost a leader like tom daschle back in 2004, how would this purge them? >> republicans pick up seats in the house. this time around, if harry reid would lose, no one is predicting that democrats would lose control the senate. even if they lose him, they will be running the show in the senate by all predictions. shepard: thank you. rudy giuliani is said to be running for the governorship of
7:35 pm
new york. he is encouraged by political infighting. sources close to him say he sees parallels between the problems with the state and what new york city face when he took over in 198and 1993. the current summer box office is performing better than many thought. last year, it talked over 4.1 $4 billion -- $4.14 billion. it is already at 3.99 billion dollars. >> from the time wolverine clawed his way to success, the summer movie season has been in
7:36 pm
top form. there are reports it is up 5% over last year. >> i will do better. >> the box office has done much better than expected with nearly $4 billion in ticket sales. 2009 could break the previous record set in 2007. part of the reason would be the recession. >> in bleak times, people want things like robots invading the world and a superhuman team defending the world. there is special effects, action. two and a half hours of pure escapism and adrenaline and sun. -- and fun. >> from escapism to action, summer 2009 has had it all including a surprisingly strong august.
7:37 pm
>> we will be doing one thing and one thing only, killing nazis. >> brad pitt's new movie has done much better than predicted. this is usually a weak month for movies that this year the summer is going out with a bang. most of the hit movies were lacking "a" list stars. the summer box office season goes until labor day. we have a couple of more weekends before possibly putting this summer in the record books she. shepard: great to see you. thank you. consider the time it takes to earn $100,000. for the average american, it is about four years. it only takes the nba superstar
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lebron james 21 minutes. alex rodriguez makes $100,000 after facing only six pitches. tiger woods, 11 holes. the pittsburgh steelers quarterback makes $100,000 after just four snaps. "the wall street journal" did the math. the yankees are up. a prisoner is on the loose. a small planes landin landing somewhere other than the runway. what a mess.
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contact an amway global independent business owner... or visit shepard: there is a manhunt on in illinois for an escaped prisoner. a 60-year-old tricked his way out. his name is elijah muhammed. he has been in jail since
7:42 pm
friday. he has been charged with felony commendation. he identified himself as another inmate who was in fact scheduled for release. he was wearing his shirt and signing his name. the st. clair county jail is in southern illinois. the supervisors said it was not until about a half an hour later that authorities realized that the prisoner had taken off. for least one member of the team staff, the collapse of the practice facility was life changing. one of them was paralyzed from the waist down. now he is suing. so is the special teams coach. they are separately filing lawsuits and they claim that the people build the structure were negligent and one of the companies actually knew the facility was unsafe.
7:43 pm
another major loss to tell you about, this one is in the case of the metro train crash in washington in june. the mother and brother of one of the victims in that crash has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the transit authority seeking $25 million in damages. it says that dc metro "carelessly and wrongfully cared to take precautions to prevent injuries to the passengers." a small plane forced to take an emergency landing in a parking lot. there were only minor injuries to the people on board. the single engine plane took off from a small airport in new jersey and the pilot reported engine problems before he made an emergency landing. this is the third small plane accident in one month for new jersey. we are tracking h1n1 and that
7:44 pm
means we're heading back to school. college campuses are filling up for the fall semester at this year, students are bringing along their sanitizes and tissues. health officials are handing out h1n1 kits and making new suggestions to keep people safe. this includes wearing surgical masks while kissing. >> it is moving day at the university of texas. >> i'm happy to be away from home. >> about 50,000 students attend the university. add to this professors, staff, visitors. >> there are about 7000 people here at any one time. >> since last spring, there has been 24 h1n1 cases. -- there are about seve70,000 people here at any one time. >> there are posters to
7:45 pm
encourage people to wash their hands. a vaccine should arrive on campus sometime this fall. in spite of that, if students get sick, officials want to avoid closing the campus. >> that is not what we want to do. we believe we will have to work our way through. >> the centers for disease control issued recommendations last week. they tell students to stay away from classes if they are sick and >> contact with other students. students that live in dorms should go home. -- they tested is to stay with the classes if they're sick and avoid contact with other students. >> i think it is pretty safe. shepard: tonight, the church that is asking what kinds of actions can really be forgiven. that church is getting some pretty interesting answers. it has a pretty interesting past
7:46 pm
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that reform won't hurt medicare. it will actually strengthen it by eliminating billions of dollars in waste and lowering drug prices.
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shepard: it is still here. that is the space shuttle. it is earthbound at the moment. a bad fuel valve is forcing a second constellate. liftoff had been set for just after midnight. -- a bad a fuel valve is forcing a second delay. how for far along was the launch procedure?
7:50 pm
>> they were about three hours into the process when they noticed the problem. the technicians go through all of the valves in the propulsion system making sure they are behaving properly. when they got to the hydrogen valve, it would not close. this is right behind one of the main engines. they have to get up there in person and see if this is a broken valve that needs to be replaced or repaired. shepard: how much of a delay? >> right now they are having a meeting on this and we expect a full press briefing. it will at least be 40 hours. it will be a launch on friday in the early morning. if it is sending two hours, we are just right before midnight. -- if it is 72 hours, we are
7:51 pm
just right before midnight. shepard: that will put a wrench in the party schedule. thank you. guess who just launched a rocket? south korea is on the job. they are our top story in around the world. south korea, the rocket lifted off without a hitch but the satellite did not enter its proper orbit. this was a half success parent of the rocket was built with russian help. -- this was a half success. the rocket was built with russian help. illegal settlers are being driven out of a slum. a police spokeswoman says a protester ran over an officer with the motorcycle leaving the police officer with a broken arm and leg.
7:52 pm
firefighters increase are keeping an eye out for flareups but the worst of the wild fire near athens is under control. managers say 150 homes were destroyed and all so olive groves and forests. thailand, on the unusual visitor at this park in bangkok, alligator-sized lizards. tourists are not used to the reptiles. i've never seen such a big animal. shepard: park employees protect the creatures. now to a church and misery that seems to be trying to raise some questions using billboards that ask what can and cannot be forgiven. it lists sex offenders, cheating, suicide, telling lies.
7:53 pm
the pastor of the church said that a murder last year of one of the congregation members inspired the campaign. the idea is to get people talking. >> forgiveness is a big issue but i don't know, it is very difficult when you are the victim of a crime. >> the message is that jesus is the perfect save year, there is no unforgivable sin. shepard: the signs will stay up for the next five weeks. there was another set of these last year and those attacked another church. they featured phrases like "jefferson hills church sto ucks." a woman in florida making sure that troops candid joy cookies. she is sending more than 85,000 cookies.
7:54 pm
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shepard: top stories come up. first for troops at war they tell us it's pretty comforting to get a homemade box of cookies overseas. one woman made that her mission but that work is about to end. in 2007 barbara brook founded a chapter of treat the troops organization in spring hill, florida north of tampa. in the last two years she and a small army of volunteers have baked tens of thousands of cookies for troops in iraq and afghanistan. >> with this shipment today, we have broken 85,000 -- well, we haven't broken them, we have sent. [ laughter ] 85,000 cookies. hopefully they don't break. shepard: not all of them anyway. she said they usually get there in pretty good shape, in fact, burk is now moving away and her chapter of treat the troops will close. so if you know any good bakers in central florida along the gulf coast, we know some soldiers who might appreciate
7:58 pm
their efforts. and if somebody asks you to jump offer the tallest landmark in the belgium capital of brussels, would you say yeah? what if we triple dog dared you? for 35 bucks you can give the so-called death ride a go. zip line from 330-foot piece of art, taller than a football field. all you have to do is strap on a harness and away you go. >> here we go. shepard: that looks awful. you have to hurry. the death ride comes to a close this monday. top stories update now arizona republican senator john mccain today voiced strong opposition for the democrat's plan for government run health insurance system. senator mccain made the comments at a town hall meeting outside phoenix.
7:59 pm
offering $15,000 buy out for employees eligible for retirement. folks are furious over planned visit by qaddafi. he will be staying there when he visits the united nations next month. the new york sun newspaper printed the first of six newspapers announcing life had been discovered on the moon. a series now known as the great moon hoax. the moon has, of course, fascinated man since the dawn of times. the paper cited a defunct science journal as the source. astronomer who wasn't exactly in on the joke. the paper described a moon inhabited by unicorns, two legged beavers and giant whiewm bat like wings. oceans, trees and rivers. none of it is true of course because the whole moon is made of cheese. the readers were miewb moon struck anyway 174 years ago today

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